Product Introductions:

1. USB-DMX signal decoding, supports multiple USB-DMX decoding, stable output.

2 Standard 1*DMX512 output (512 channels), with DC/DC power isolation and optoelectronic isolation.

3. Two working modes, PC and Offline, are available, MCU decoding, external RAM.

4. Controlled by DMX512 lighting control table, through the connection with a 3D control software, the on-site patterns can be displayed and controlled in the software synchronously.

5. A simulated 3D stage is built by the computer software to realize the synchronous display of on-site lighting effect on the computer.

6. Synchronize videos and lighting effects to create a music show, and the starting time and duration of the lighting effects can be inserted into, expanded and moved along the video timeline.

7 A memory device is provided for working mode of "independent show", allowing the system working without a computer.

8. Create your own lighting data or modify existing lighting data to include all lighting effects (colors, pattern, pattern rotation, prism, etc.).

9. Built-in visual effects and procedures with icons, easy to use by clicking with the mouse.

10. The 3D lighting effects can be exported into files in ".avi" format.

11. Support Windows XP/2000/98se/Vista Windows 7, 8 32-bit operating systems, automatic identification and plug-and-play.

Fountain control system
Sunlite 512
Butler S2  1024
Dimensions (L*H*W) (mm)
80 x 95 x 40mm
71,5 x 24 x 85 mm
Power Supply/Power
24V DC/ 8W
Output DMX
512 DMX
512 DMX
Music output
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