Innovative Design Concept of Dry Fountain

●The design of dry fountain in the square aims at creating a spectacle and allowing interesting interactions by means of a mixing show of mist, light and water cooperating with the music melody. As dry fountains allow audients to access to the waterscape they create, it is very important to eliminate potential safety hazards. The major potential safety hazards and solutions are listed as

●follows: electrical safety: within the accessible area of the dry fountain, all pumps, LED lamps and other electrical equipment are driven by low voltage DC 24V to completely eradicate the potential safety hazards such as electric leakage and electric shock, etc.

●water safety: the fountain system is equipped with water treatment and disinfection facilities to meet the water quality standards of swimming pools

●The pressures at fountain nozzles shall be not more than 0.5kg to avoid hurting the audiences, especially the children

environmental protection and energy saving: appropriate pumps, which can meet the requirements of designed ejection height of the fountain system, are selected to avoid energy waste;