Two-dimensional Universal Swing Device

Publishdate:2019-07-22 Views:3877

CWM series two-dimensional universal mechanical swing device is divided into two rotating spindles, X-axis and Y-axis. Through the simultaneous rotations of X-axis and Y-axis or combination of independently rotting X-axis and Y-axis, ejection nozzles carry the spouts to regulate speed and swing freely within the space defined by the two axes, so the speed and direction can be adjusted freely.

The nozzle is featured with reasonable structure, perfect mechanical balance, high stability and replaceable and maintainable spare parts; and the stainless steel structure can be totally disassembled; The X-axis can rotate 270°, making it possible for the nozzle and mechanical base being submerged under the water surface when it is not working, so that the overall aesthetics of large-scale music fountain can be ensured.

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