ariable Speed Pump/DMX/AC220V

Publishdate:2019-07-22 Views:4856

The series of variable speed pumps COMBO-220V can achieve infinitely variable speed function under the AC220V power supply, and the pumbs with built-in drive make the dry fountain and a variety of types of water volume adjustment work becoming particularly simple, and there are DMX2 channel control, which are used for the startup/shutdown and speed regulation of the pump, respectively.

The pumps are supplied with AC220V power and conform to international safety standards, adopts international universal leakage and overload protection devices for power distribution to root out potential safety hazards of electric leakage and electric shock. Standard DMX communication accurately regulates the flow of pumps, and has a fast regulating response speed. The casings are made of UV-resistant engineering plastics, and they are insulated and resistant to the acid corrosion of disinfectant in water treatment. The pumps are featured with environmental protection and energy saving and there are two installation methods, submersible installation and pipeline dry installation. Besides, their compact sizes make them suitable for dry fountains, amusing interaction and small waterscapes with small installation space.

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