Fountain planning company light soft planning method

Publishdate:2018-11-23 Views:2457

Standard fountain in landscape ecology planning space, increased in different form the standard planning more vivid, blend in a variety of environmental protection and the lamp of the deployment of production standards are increasingly planning concept of art beauty, together can be increased in the construction of ecological city construction to the person a kind of cultivate one's morality raises a gender water space, here, let's follow fountains planning company together and see it!

1. The planning of color allocation and scheduling: it increases the modeling standard that can be used more sensitively in a variety of acting activities in the planning space of different shining artistic civilizations. Therefore, in the planning space of different artistic creations, it can create the static fountain scene in the integration of civilization.

2. Creative standard planning: the fountain planning company has created a planning method that highlights the image of non-image in the skills engineering, and increased the space of self-cultivation in the planning concept of environmental protection. The spray of light color has played a role in aesthetic improvement planning.

3. Rafting planning method: in the planning method of beautiful scenery line, more and more fountains can be planned through the control of water flow in a variety of processes, so as to perfect the construction of various fountains and play a more and more important role in advertising.