What types of music fountains are suitable for different occasions of sound control

Publishdate:2018-11-23 Views:2626

The audio-controlled music fountain presents a higher and higher frequency in daily life, which adds interest to people's life. People have higher and higher requirements on the audio-controlled fountain. The artistic requirements of the voice-controlled fountain are becoming higher and higher. If you want to have a higher artistic level of the voice-controlled fountain, you must know the classification of the voice-controlled fountain.

In this paper, we explore the classification of acoustic fountain. The types of audio-controlled fountains can be classified as follows by device location, device method and control method:

One, according to the installation site can be divided into outdoor and indoor two kinds. Because the outdoor fountain is easy to be affected by wind speed to make the flower shape out of shape, so the sound control fountain with indoor effect is better. Indoor sound control fountain in addition to underwater lights looking for the injection of colorful water column, gram also use dome light cooperation shining on the top of the water column change, the effect is better. There is an idea abroad that fountains illuminated only by overhead lights are better.

Two, according to the device method can be divided into fixed and mobile two. Now most fountains are built with parks and buildings, which are fixed. The song and dance troupe performs in the gymnasium, the great hall and other activities for the purpose of cooperative performance. The sink is made of plastic sheeting into a large pocket.

Three, according to the control method classification has the pre-programmed method and the scene sound control method. The preprogrammed method is to record the control signal together on music tape to control the change of water posture. The scene voice control method is that the singer enters the signal through the microphone and USES the computer to analyze the music melody. The fountain presents the concave and convex water column with the concave and convex sound.

Music fountain can also use radio remote control, timeliness of the fountain on and off, as well as the combination of water pose picture changes.