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LED-RGB Underwater Lamps and Lanterns Series

LED-RGB Underwater  Lamps and Lanterns  Series

      Among this series lamps and lanterns, CWL-16DHalo is suitable for buried installation of square dry spray. It has central bore of Ø22mm for nozzle installation and lamps panel has fixed screw of 120° angel and backwater interval. CWL-16Halo is suitable for DC fountain in the pool and CWL-16N is suitable for spotlight of side lighting, water curtain or water wall. All lamps and lanterns all adopt constant flow source balanced driving technology to maintain the same of light brightness and color in the same control line. CREE LED chips made in America makes LED primary color quite pure; 12° ultra-narrow beam angle makes all lights to concentrate on the water column and among the dense nozzle layout, its color will not interfere with each other. RGB integrated lens makes the three-primary color completely mixed at the light source and the mixed color is fully pure. DMX512 international standard communication way supports series connection address. Lamp body is made of 304 stainless steel casting forming, waterproofing grade is IP68. Machinery rubber gasket and glue filling double sealing as well as patented machinery waterproof joint ensure its stability when it works in water for a long time. There is protection device inside, that if it overloads, its operation power will decrease and if its temperature is too high, circuit will be cut. And it gets reversed polarity. All the advantage effectively extends its working life and working time lasts for 100.00 hours. Decay of 50,000LED primary color is less than 30%.







 LED Underwater Lamps Installation and Connection

  Ideal fountain water column illumination and highly succinct installation method, this lamp’s color is pure and extreme bright-colored, with high power LED and incredible technology. Most of all, it provides nozzle hole site which locates in the central of light beam. So, light beam can concentrate on water column precisely, which makes the water column dye sufficiently, bright and transparent. Installation adopts fast speed plug-in waterproof joint, which provide convenient installation and maintenance methods.


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