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Technology advantage

Technological advantage - safety

Combined with pump, lamp and lanterns and nozzle , absolutely safe voltage DC24V  
DMX512 single point adjust color, speed and height.

Technology advantage – energy saving

Instead of high voltage pump, using independent control submersible pump can save 75% energy.  Via sequence and high control program to control every pump operation and shut, electricity consumption is quite low. Besides, this pattern decrease associated line and  shorten the distance between pump and nozzle so that it reduces the friction loss.

Technology advantage – simply design and construction

Via R&D integration, pump, LED lamps and lanterns all form dry spray trinity device(divide into external drive and internal drive). Pump and lamps share low voltage power supply and DMX control communication line. Single point DMX has 5 channels, among which 2 channels are for pump switch and speed governing and 3 channels are for RGB-LED lamps R,G,B color modulation, which saves LED lamps power supply and communication cable. Its power and communication both adopt exclusive IP68 quick link plug-in, which simplifies equipment installation and after service problem solving work.

Technology advantage – space saving

Usually, dry spray is applied to commercial plaza. While lots of commercial plaza builds on the basement roof, and soil depth is limited, which can hardly provide equipment space for pool to design. Self-governing pump appearance installation dimension is small (pool installation depth shall not be more than 450mm), which can meet the regular soil depth of plaza.
Each inch of high-end commercial land values a lot and the space for equipment machine room is limited. Normally, dry spray equipment machine room is mainly for water treatment equipment and electric control cabinet. Water treatment equipment needs small space. But traditional dry spray machine room occupies large area due to water frequency conversion control cabinet and security isolation voltage transformation cabinet. Currently, we adopt low voltage speed governing pump to save machine room frequency conversion and isolation voltage transformation cabinet, so that it saves machine room effectively.

Single Point Dry Spray Pump Technical Comparison Table

Dry Fountain  Design Philosophy

Square dry spray mainly apply to landscaping, interesting interaction and mist, light, water interpretation based on the music;

Since dry spray is attachable water scape, evade potential safety hazard is especially important. Dry spray’s safety hazard and evading methods are as follows:

Electrical Safety: adopt low voltage DC24V pump, LED lamps and lanterns and other electric equipment within zero area in dry spray pond to eradicate electric leakage, electric shock and other safety concerns.

Water Safety: equipped with water treatment and disinfection facility based on swimming pool water quality standards; spout pressure is less than 0.5KG to prevent children from body damage;

Environmental protection and energy saving: select appropriate pump with suitable height based on design requirements to meet the requirements and at the same time to avoid energy waste;


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